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This is my most recent work on the human vessel form. It was carved from a Yellow Birch burl, Betula alleghaniensis. It is 5.5 inches long and 4.75 inches wide and approximately 2 inches tall at it's lowest point.


Most everyone I have spoken with equate these human forms with the archetypal feminine. Personally, I associate them with water, but that element is also associated with the feminine archetype! I'm fascitated by immediate catergorization that happens with these forms. I'm sure it will spur further exploration.


This piece also balances perfectly on the bottom. I'm interested in forms that do not have a "foot" but still balance. My interest in archeology and ancestral humans has really informed this decision. Before we were part of an agrarian society, we were mobile, especially during the last Ice Age. Heavy furniture like tables and chairs were superfluous additions, and containers did not need to sit flat on a surface to be used. Round bottoms balance themselves on uneven surfaces (the earth) in a way that flat surfaces do not.



Human Vessel -Cup

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