The wood from this bowl has made quite a trip. Following a weekend during which I was invited to Bill Coperthwaite's homestead in Machias, Maine, my friend Kenneth Kortemeier and I (with permission) harvested a piece of white birch from a tree that had been uprooted along the path. We used a two-person cross-cut saw to cut through the fallen tree, and then I split the round into two pieces. I then packed the green wood out of the woods- for over a mile. When I finally made it to my car and Kenneth helped me take my pack off that had this piece of wood and other, he said, "Wow! That must weigh about 70 pounds." I certainly felt as if I would float off of the earth after that weight was relieved.


A lot has gone into making this bowl, and it makes me think of the energy expended to harvest wood that I don't normally think about. It's important to me that a tree is respected during it's life and after it has ended. I try to remain concious of my actions, and the experience with this birch helped me consider my role in "industry".


The bowl is approximately 10.5 inches in diameter and about 3.5 inches tall. It is handmade, using an adze and axe and finished with a gouge. I painted the quilt piecework (crazy quilt pattern) with artist oils, and finished it with linseed oil. After use it should be washed with soap and water and dried.  

Crazy Quilt Bowl

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